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Michael Chiang's Private Parts 2018

Drama Centre Theatre, Singapore

Lighting Design l Programming

Set in 1990 Singapore, the inventive story traces the misadventures of a popular talk-show host, Warren Lee, who mysteriously turns up at a sex-change clinic. There, he encounters the tart-tongued Mirabella, the light-headed Lavinia and the quietly intense Edward. In a bid to boost ratings, he tries to convince his colourful new friends to appear on his TV show, which leads to unexpected consequences…

Michael Chiang - Playwright

Beatrice Chia-Richmond - Director
Wendy Ng - Producer
Wong Chee Wai - Set Designer
Ashley Lim - Hair Design
Bobbie Ng & Low Jyue Huey - Makeup Design
Cheah Wei Chun - Art Director
Kenny Wong - Technical Production Manager
Tube Gallery - Costume Design
Michael Chan - Lighting Designer
Shah Tahir - Sound Designer & Engineer
Cat Andrade - Stage Manager
Sunitha Nayar - Assistant Stage Manager
Chen Rui Yu - Assistant Stage Manager
Melissa Chin - Production Manager

...and each scene manages to feel distinct with the help of Michael Chan’s lighting design.

Link to Review the lighting design that manages to expand the borders of the stage...

Link to Review

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