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Michael Chan is a lighting designer who has worked on a wide gamut of arts, entertainment and installation projects.


His experience ranges from musicals, concerts, events, galleries, exhibitions and architainment.

Michael is currently a member of LaSalle College of the Arts's industry advisory group.


He is conversant in English and Mandarin and is living in Singapore.

Design Philosophy

Lighting design is about bridging gaps.

Bridging the gap between art and science; between imagination and reality.

In order to bring the visions, colors and rich worlds from the realm of the imagination into reality, a lighting designer needs to possess both an acute aesthetic sensibility and a wide knowledge of technical tools and systems.

And that is what Michael does, being that bridge, balancing that delicate scale of the sense of wonderment and pragmatism. Michael's aim is to create moments that will last long in the emotional memory of the watcher.


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Highlight Projects

The Sky Symphony
(Kinetic Installation)

Singapore Bicentennial National Day Parade (NDP) 2019

Netflix's Stranger Things 4 Global Fan Event (KL)

Singapore Inside Out

Wild Rice's Peter Pan in SG