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Design l Programming l 3D Pre-Visualization


Tasked with the creation of an Architainment presentation consisting of 1001 kinetic winches/LED balls, Michael designed the kinetic and lighting layout and show content. Along with that, Michael also created the 3D visualization and wrote the show programming for Sky Symphony.

Sky Symphony is a unique multimedia presentation consisting of 5 large LED panels and a fully automated kinetic sculpture. It is located in an atrium-like space in the heart of Sky Avenue Mall, Genting’s latest lifestyle destination.

The three permanent Kinetic Light Shows are namely the Forest, Urban Symphony and the Goddess.

Festive shows - Xmas 2017-2018, Chinese New Year 2018-2020, New Year Countdown 2018-2020

Event launch - Lost in Space (Netflix), XC40 (Volvo), Mowgli (Netflix), Samsung S10, All-New Toyota Corolla

Special Event - Batman 80th Anniversary

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