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Singapore National Day Parade 2016

National Stadium, Singapore

Lighting Design

(Co-design with Mr Mac Chan)

It has been 10 years since the last National Day celebrations was held at the National Stadium.

The Stadium, now part of the Sports Hub, was torn-down and built back as a

modern state-of-the-art venue designed to hold a variety of events.

About 50,000 spectators packed the stadium to immerse themselves

in the spectacular celebrations, in this dome-shaped roofed venue.

In total 400 Robe BMFL Blade, 100 Robe BMFL Spot, 100
DTS Raptor, 72 Martin Viper and 12 DTS Wonder was used. 12 Haze
Master were also deployed. The control was two Grand MA
2 Full Size – one main and one back-up. 

There was also 120 LED vests that the performers wore,

which was individually controlled with a W-DMX micro receiver.

Creative Director: Beatrice Chia-Richmond
Technical Director: Kenny Wong
Music Director: Don Richmond
Multimedia Director: Brian Gothong Tan
Chief Choreographer: Jeffrey Tan
Production and Technical Manager: Zhou Yongfa
Stage and Set Designer: Seah Chee Huang

Props Designer: Gerald Leow
Sound Designer: Shah Tahir
Costume Designer: Tube Gallery


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