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Imagine: Water, Fire and Lights Show at Dubai Festival City

Dubai, UAE

Water Jets, Flames and Lighting Programming (Co-Programmer)

IMAGINE in Dubai Festival City, the record-breaking, ever-changing immersive laser, light, water multi-sensory extravaganza set to engaging and feel-good music. Entertaining guests of all ages on Festival Bay after sunset every night.

Laservision’s premiere spectacular, Stardancer is the first production to launch at the IMAGINE Attraction. Stardancer is a beautiful and artistic adventure of gravity personified (Stardancer) told through a ballet of contemporary dance. As Stardancer dances through the cosmos, she interacts with the planets and stars that surround her and overcomes the powerful forces she encounters along the way.

Backed by a powerful original sound score, in high-definition 5.2 surround-sound, Stardancer skilfully combines contemporary and classical dance into a flowing narrative of beauty, struggle and the power of creativity.


Hired under LaserVision

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