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Netflix Stranger Things 4 Global Fan Event
Menera Kuala Lumpur (KL Tower), Malaysia

Technical Consultation l Execution l Equipment Supply
Projection Mapping
l Programming
Lighting Design
l Programming l 3D pre-programming

As part of the promotion and marketing efforts for Stranger Things 4 (the fourth season of the hit sci-fic horror drama Netflix series), “rifts” to the Upside Down – achieved using custom light technology – took over 15 iconic landmarks in 14 countries on May 26/27 2022 as part of a Netflix global fan event.
Design Insomnia took charge of the entire technical and design aspects of the 
Menera Kuala Lumpur launch. Which includes projection mapping, lighting design/programming and the audio system.

All listed scope of works by Design Insomnia

Chew Guo-you/This is Tommy team - Project and Creative Oversight

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Link to Article

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