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8th ASEAN Para Games 2015

Opening and Closing Ceremonies

Indoor Stadium, Singapore

Lighting Design l Programming

(Co-design with Ms Suven Chan for Opening Ceremony)

The opening ceremony was held on Thursday, 3 December 2015, the Singapore Indoor Stadium in Singapore.

There were five section of performance dubbed the movements in the opening ceremony, which were Stretching the Boundaries, A World of Creative Possibilities, Shooting For the Best, Fire Your Imagination and Celebration of the Extraordinary.

The opening ceremony was lead by creative director Phillip Tan and was helmed by 661 performers including Lily Goh, Samantha Gray, Daniel Purnomo, Sumbut Simla and Li Chi Chao, 120 motivators, 174 volunteers and 454 students mostly from Singapore's special education schools and 75 creative team members.

Creative and Music Director: Philip Tan

Chief Choreographer: Pua Jinwen

Laser Designer: Samson Phua and Kelvin (InterMay)

Set Designer Airik Ng

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Link to Live Recording

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