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Awie and Ella Concert 2012

The Max Pavilion, Singapore

Lighting Design l Programming

Awie's music career started in 1985 with the rock band, Wings. Their first album released in 1987 sold more than 180,000 units, which brought Awie the then 17 years old singer fame and recognition. Striking out on his own solo career, Awie subsequently became one of the best selling and most popular rock star in Malaysia.

Ella, since starting out in 1987, has been known as “Ratu Rock” by her fans. “Ratu Rock” translate to "Queen of Rock" and, Ella, being the foremost female rocker in the male dominated music rock music scene has more than earned that title. She blazed a path the way for generations of women striking out in rock and roll in Malaysia, but Ella continues to enjoy huge popularity, and reign as Queen in Malaysia’s rock music scene for the last few decades.

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